Project work plan

Graphical presentation of the Gov4Nano components showing how they interrelate

WP1: Improving the FAIRness of the nano-EHS data infrastructure (addressing objective 1)

WP2: Research and Development towards guidance and guidelines for testing of nanomaterials.(addressing objective 2)

WP3: Risk perception, acceptance and education for civil society and (re-)insurance industry (addressing objectives 3, 6)

WP4: Nano-Risk Governance Portal (NRGP) with tools, data and guidance (addressing objectives 1, 4)

WP5: Establish Nano Risk Governance Council (addressing objective 5)

WP6: Building a stakeholder framework for the NRGC (addressing objectives 3, 6)

WP7: Mechanisms to monitor routes to safe nanomaterials (addressing objectives 2, 3, 5, 7)

WP8: Project Management and Scientific coordination

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