NanoRisk GovPortal

The NMBP-13 Nano-Risk Governance Portal is developed by the EU H2020 projects Gov4Nano, RiskGONE, and NANORIGO and aims to become a one-stop-shop to access nanospecific information, guidance, methods, tools, and data to support risk governance of nanotechnologies.

The NMBP-13 Nano-Risk Governance Portal (NRGP) is developed with the consideration of making a central one-stop for nano-risk governance elements (e.g., tools, data , guidance). The NMBP-13 NRGP provides access and guidance to most relevant and useful tools and supports their usages through a user interface. Access to validated tools is critical for effective risk governance while the assessment of tools’ applicability and performance improves their trustworthiness and supports their regulatory acceptance.

The NRGP facilitates the use of existing tools and provides an open platform for next generation tools for Advanced Materials (AdMa) and Safe and Sustainable by Design (SSbD). Further development of the portal will be taken up in new initiatives/projects such as PARC, IRISS, OECD, etc.

For more details and information check Gov4Nano deliverables on the portal development and related teaching materials:

  • D4.7 Updated web-portal and guidance for the “nano risk governance portal” connecting the final suite of tools, databases and guidance to support industrial SbD and regulatory nano-risk governance
  • D4.8 Teaching materials and worked case studies for demonstration of the functionalities of the “nano risk governance portal”
  • D4.9 Documentation completed training in the “nano risk governance portal” and linked tools

The Nano-Risk Governance Portal can be accessed via


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